Friday, March 16, 2018

BTS: Banana Shea Soap Cold Process

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Here is the behind the scenes pictures and tricks on the making of my soaping video on YouTube. 

Video How To: DIY Shea 🍌 Banana African soap cold process

~*~*~*Join me and my journey to finding cool recipes and the best beauty products of 2018~

 Hello google here are the recipes that I made for this recipe I did go to Google to find some inspiration and I found a basic generic recipe calculator from Bramble Berry which was able to calculate the amount of light and water that would be needed with the oils the generic recipe includes 400 g of vegetable soybean Oil and 840 g of Shea butter as well as 409 g of water and 150 g of lye that are used in pellets all you need to do is put the lye right into the water make sure that you don’t put the water into the big light container or else it will explode so do be careful and cautious when handling the lye I did have a bottle of vinegar beside me just in case the lye spelled I also wore gloves and protective goggles to ensure that my skin was safe from the lye and that nothing dangerous habit Once I put the light into the water I mix that together in the neck but toils in that and it was finished the video has everything so thank you for watching and have a great day

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lip Balm Havoc 101 !

Lipbalm Havoc Review 
Lip balm Havoc is Specialty natural and handmade store that brings customers back to the  pure simple ingredients that have been timeless classics in our boudoirs and beauty counters. Similar to Burts Bees, it brings wealth to the body and fulfills its needs to prevent it from decaying from the toxins commended by our societies.

Girls and Lads' from all walks of life can in my family can agree that the moisturizing and replenishing powers of Lip Balm Havoc far exceed their excellence in regards to its value , quality, quantity and care in comparison to store brand goods. It is an item of daily use for those with the seamless providence to care, to protect and cherish  their skin.

The owner is nice with the heart of a saint, to whom it may concern, for money is not the soul prospect of her business, but to provide excellence to all peoples of all walks of life. Put paid to it, she makes products with the utmost care in regards to service and communication, and still puts a minimal pricetag attached, as compared to Lush or Burts Bees products. her lip balms sell for just $2.50 when in truth, lipbalms half the size and quality of hers cost 10$, in regards to their ingredient quality and quantity.

She puts pure ingredients like Beeswax, Avocado Oil and Mango Butter that nourish the skin by moisturizing it with these exotic oils. They help soothe my chapped lips as well as my cuticles, root tips and hands.

They have absolute staying power and can withstand a climb in the long and strenuous hiking as well as excessive bottle drinking, which I am held accountable for. During my trip to Arizona, at The Wave we hiked for 5 hours in a row as the dessert winds blew  through the crevices and apertures of the storm high mountains. Lip Balm Havoc lipbalms that we had (Cotton Candy and Gummy bear) were our saviour, in regards to the instant moiturization and relief it gave us. My skin was red and scalded by the dessert wind, but the balm helped soothe the irritation, with long term results.

The little ones contemplated on which one was their favorite because it was too hard to decide! They marveled on the extraordinary smells and ooh so delicious aromas that put paid to their title- spot on representations, physically, visually and aesthetically of what a lip balm should be.

Her compassion has not only been showcased though her tedious and attentive perception of a better life for the world, but through the way she is to all of her customers. That one  lustrous day in 2014,  I had urgently begged for an extra balm, and yet she gladly met to my needs without a wisp of argument. I felt touched and endowed by the empathy and passion that she has for her store, as I've witnessed her store's growth since that very day 2 years ago.
From one line to another, she expanded and worked hard to give more to the world the sustainable and utmost in regards to quality, and the experience that we get as the customer.

I was so glad to open up this package , it was safely wrapped in a plastic bag secured with tape .
The balms were packaged with the utmost care, shrink wrapped in plastic and secured nicely!

The flavors are beautifully conceptualized with an intention to delight and enravel us in an adventure to a realm whom embodies the most care, love and compassion in teh creation of a sustainable product.
I totally recommend this lip balm, and will buy them when I restock them.

If you would like to order NOW , please go to  :      and ORDER RIGHT NOW !

( Love the cute packaging :)
Another A+ for the nice design ! And the portable necklace was just genius ... 
I always lose my lipbalms so the idea was great for a person like me ! Always so busy ..
I opened up the bacon lipbalm and it smells DELICOUS. ...
Like real bacon . 
More info on the lipbalm :
It did not contain that chemicle smell either ...
The balm was a nice smooth balm that glided easilty on skin .
I Loved it , and overall the moisturizing quality was pretty good..
My dry lips love this , and the scent is just lip smacking delicious ;) 
Thank you so much for offering these through listia , and I loved it !
The seller , was really nice too and if you want to purchase yoru own lipsmacking good lipbalms just visit : 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The BEST Homemade DIY Solid Lotion Bars Ever

~*~*~*Join me and my journey to finding cool recipes and the best beauty products of 2014 ! ~*~*~
Hi everyone ! Just wanted to blog about this month . So Summer is here .. yay !! Lets start enjoying the spring weather by making a fresh batch of solid lotion bars !
See the source image
Roses are red, Violets are Blue, Skin gets dry, I need lotion bars times 2! -Beauty Queen Sarah 

The weather can get very annoying .
Here are a few ideas on how to store and shape your lotion bars. These are so cute and aestetically pleasing- exactly what  love with these little bars, is they are totally customizable to yrou own liking if you make them yourself. They are free of any chemicles and preservatives and best thing:making them yourself makes it all the better! I will be posting my own recipe soon, I have formulated the nicest batch of homade lotion butters with pure shea and cocoa butters, and they are so creamy and luscious, they nourish my skin so nicely.
See the source image
Lovely Lotion Bars! (

I have many friends who have teen sisters, and they really need the shea to moisturize and replenish their skin. Acne scars are not a problem with shea butter, and are easily eradicated with a quick swipe! Shea butter is quite the natural holy grail when it comes to teen skin but beware it is very oily so if you are going to use it do not put too much or you will be getting a few more pimples. I will post a few pictures to illustrate the uses that I have gotten out of shea butter, along with te hrecipes and the different variants that can be used.
I made my own shea butter lotion bars with the regular block of shea and I literally just cut it into chunks, but for all the DIY queen connaisseurs who crave a fun crazy craft or just some inspiration for their own skin, this is the best go to for your skin.
I will include ideas on how to package them later, on the end of this video. Stay tuned!
Here is the first recipe:

Chocolate Crème Brulee a la Shea Butter Body Lotion Bar 
So delicious....But don't eat! These are only for yrou skin and while they may be a treat for yrou skin, do not eat it! I don't advise it, most shea butter labels say "Do not ingest" and may not be exactly the tastiest so beware. But this will smell very good, so I don't blame you for thinking it would taste good. 
See the source image
This recipe is inspired by the Crème Brulee, a classic, tasty and yummy smelling dessert. 

Shea Butter 50%
Mango Butter 10%
Avocado Oil 5%
Jojoba Oil 5%
Cocoa Butter 1%
Chocolate 1%
Honey 1%
Besswax 5%

You can totally change the ratios and experiment with what your skin needs.
If you have very dry skin, I would go with a ratio that is heavier on the oil side.
Shea Butter 50%
Mango Butter 10%
Avocado Oil 10%
Jojoba Oil 5%
Cocoa Butter 5%
Chocolate 1%
Honey 1%
Besswax 5%
If you have oily skin, I might even opt for an even drier combo that will just manage to moisturize and still keep the oils and bacteria at bay: 

Shea Butter 50%
Mango Butter 10%
Avocado Oil 5%
Jojoba Oil 5%
Cocoa Butter 5%
Clay 10%
rice bran powder 5%
Besswax 5%
Making homemade lotion bars is the best! Immage from :

The percentages are just a basic measurement, and obviously you can do so much with different ingredients, these are just a basic table. If you have any butter and want to combine it with any oil, here is a more basic alternative with rationing: 

Butter 40% 
Moisturizing/Carrier Oil 30% 
Wax 10% 
Essential Oil 3-5% 
Additives (Rose Petals, Nuts, Seeds, etc., ) 2% 
Glycerin 2% 

Please note, my percentages don't go to 100% because they are just a small ratio based on the total percentage. So if I give a 56% ratio in total, than it is based of 56 g or 56 ml. 
Aesthetic Corner 
Here are some ideas for packaging and additives, such as rose petals, salt, sea salt, sugar etc., 
Cute ways to package and give as gifts, or just to spoil yourself. 

Wow these are so cute ..I recommend getting cute molds like these !
I found these really cool solid lotion bar recipes so I hope you all enjoy and while you are at it grab a glass of water and enjoy !      

''Cute Cream Lotion Bars''      
Super Nice Tins and the bars are a nice creamy color ..Excellent for any skin care regimen.

''Herbal Lotion Bars''
Super Cute Containers !
A great slave for cracked heels ...and hands especially ?
I would definetly make something like this as it has natural healing properties ..
Rosy Solid Lotion Bars'' 
Super cute design and nice colors ....
Would recommend adding matching colors like white and rose , yellow and purple , etc.,
There are so many combinations and ideas that you could get from this post that I recommend that you get creative !!! Experiment with different styles and the easy way out would be to buy them ;)
I recommend Etsy as they sell homemade stuff which is just really cool.
Please read my other blogposts if you like what you see here ;) 
Have a great week and . 
Love ,

Every comment makes me smile so please feel free to comment with questions , or suggestions :)
See the source image

Friday, May 9, 2014

Influenster ImPRESS Nails VoxBox Review By summer w. ( sarahlovesblogging.blogspot,ca )

    I have been with Influenster for a year so far and this free program introduces consumers to new finds and products while giving the chance for members to review products too.
I got my FIRST Vox Box and I am super excited to give a review about my product!

    I was sent a few designs from Influenster and they come in a gorgeous spectrum and variety of colors and designs that POP. They would be great for the Summer and Spring to acessorize and amplify any outfit and theme.
A few things I loved about Impress Nails are that (Upon inspection, sampling and use of the nails)
This product is pretty packaged and came in a plastic case that can store your nails.
They are trendier and better quality than the cheap dupe brands.

  • Glossy, Smooth flaw-less textured nails
  • The colors are bold and POP! 
  • Easy to remove nails      
  • GREAT for travel 
  • No bad polish smell !
Cons :
  • I am a pretty busy person so my hands get dirty  
  •  enamel on the nail over time feels a bit weird (Maybe thats only me)
But in general I would recommend this product for any one who loves bright pops of color and doesn't have enough time to do there nails every week. (Like me!)

**This product was sent for review purposes**

Have a great week !
  • Go to for more info !

Friday, May 2, 2014

Clearing Out my Perfume Samples and What Perfumes to choose for the picky people !

~*~*~*Join me and my journey to finding cool recipes and the best beauty products of 2014 ! ~*~*~
I love make up , fragrances , and stuff like that .
So , let's just say maybe I might have collected 10 years worth of perfume samples ?

  • Ok , haha ! just kidding.
  • Look at how many perfume samples are out there ? I LOVE It . If only I had that many .

I have like 10 perfume samples that either I recieved as a small gift with purchase or it was given to me .
I have :

  • Dot By Marc Jacobs
  • Thierry Mugler Alien
  • Electric Rose By Givenchy
  • Burberry Brit by Burberry ( Well , you can tell by the name of the fragrance . )
  • Rose du Chloe
  • Eau de Chloe
Now , I have more but now I forgot .
Anyways , Which perfumes made the final cut ?
( I am one very picky fragrance person so I have high standards )
Chloe eau de parfum is my favorite , surprisingly !
and Dot by Marc Jacobs is my second favorite .

SO , I hope this post helps with those picky fragrance people ( like , moi ! ) 
and see you next time ?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skin MD Natural Product Review the ULTIMATE moisturizer and lotion

~*~*~*Join me and my journey to finding cool recipes and the best beauty products of 2014 ! ~*~*~

It is a DULL year full of snow and the temperatures are always above freezing !
I can't believe what I am about to say , but I think my hands actually starting getting dried up .. I tried using almost all of the lotions available and no , they just dont help . They just dried up in a matter of hours , maybe even minutes ( Vaseline and Aveeno in particular ). But one day I finally found skin MD which actually helped HEAL my drying hands...
( Here are some pics of stuff i like and want to buy now :)

As you know , I LOVE Beauty products and skin moisturizers ~ But which companied can you trust ? WHICH companies offer Vaild results and still work naturally ?
Will through out my blog you will see the posts , including creme de la creme products which are also really nice :) 

I tried a small bit of it and it first came in a nicely packaged priority mail box and came with a few samples to recommend to my friends , which I will definetly do.
So it all started when I started to get dry , flaky skin which I have never gotten before. Than just in timing the next week I find this lotion to help me !  The flakes are already starting to '' heal '' lol and already my skin does not feel so stingy . the lotion feels soft and leaves my hands feeling much better compared to the condition it was in yesterday!
the price could be a little lower , but plz remember that they are NON Animal testing , and natural! I am willing to pay 5 $ more for a nice lotion that does not kills animals like mice than spend 3$ and kill a lovely piece of mother nature ! 
Skin MD Natural: list of ingredients

Here is the ingredient list , which well impresses me alot as they strive to use natural ingredients. 

 Made with purified and natural ingredients !

With the toxin and chemicals your skin is exposed to in a daily basis, it's no wonder why your skin's natural protection has been compromised. The truth is the household chemicals you use and the potentially toxic creams and lotions you put on your skin strip away moisture and oils leaving skin dry and irritated.

Now , what is Skin MD ? It is this amazing moisturizer , that actually helps to nourish the skin through a great formula , about 90 % Natural ingredients !

''The Dry Skin Treatment: Skin MD Natural
shields your skin all day

Shielding lotion duplicates and enhances your skin's natural and protective barrier. Just a small application of Skin MD Natural daily protects your skin from damage and delivers hours of soothing moisture, and for those of you who have excessive dry skin can help in relieving itching.
In fact, the ingredients in Skin MD Natural are 6 times more effective than those typically used. You can replace all your old moisturizers with Skin MD, simply because it is the best lotion for dry skin.''
I recieved a small package today to test it out , and you know , It is not that bad actually. I LOVE natural beauty products so duhh I was willing to test it out  but I actually saw some good results almost instantly. Like before literally my hands were almost bleeding and all cracked up but this lotion is strong !
They have a few varieties to choose from , so you could use it as sunscreen too.
Visit : to get more info !
A 4 oz bottle only $ 18 so act fast and get one today :)